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About the Hosts

Kike Badaro, art curator at Estancia Vik and one of its most-renowned artists, will join Delia Negro, art educator, as hosts for a week of art exploration.

Delina Negro
Guests will benefit from the expertise of the Art Trip program designer, Delia Negro. Negro has extensive experience in designing educational courses for adults, primarily focused on the study of the Spanish language. With her background in art and education, Negro will provide a high-level cultural immersion experience in a pleasant and enjoyable environment.  Her vast knowledge of the area and the art will afford participants a perfect balance between art appreciation, sightseeing and nature.

Kike Badaro
Badaro Suite main art work at Estancia Vik:  Voices of a voyage. Painting on canvas, volumetric mural, wood and polychrome ceramics. Tree trunk, texts on wall. 

Kike Badaro explored the subject that most intrigued him in life: cultural movements and the transformation of American people. His intention was to delve deep into a particular view of the first exploration humans made in the lands of South, Central and North America and to represent, through symbols, the different settlements by the seas, the jungles, and the great Andean and Mesoamerican cultures.

Different stages represented by female images, snakes and the sacred cow join together in an extremely ethnic view. Andean cultures with names like Inti, Wiracocha and Quetzalcoatl are part of the story Kike Badar0 proudly tells through his work at Estancia Vik.