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Un-Cruise Adventures offers unique itineraries in Alaska, the American West's Columbia & Snake Rivers, Mexico's Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Northwest/Canada. 

With American Safari Cruises, you’ll spend two full days sailing in Glacier Bay National Park, not merely cruising past the astounding scenery, but stopping to go ashore or kayak with your Expedition Leader or Park Ranger. You'll explore this unforgettable "natural laboratory" where receding glaciers reveal a landscape that hasn't been uncovered from the ice in tens of thousands of years. To experience Glacier Bay is to experience nature in its primary stages, a rare opportunity indeed!

Columbia & Snake Rivers - Wine & Culinary Yacht Cruises
Become modern-day explorers, discovering America's extraordinary and "secret" wine regions in the spectacular setting of the Columbia River Gorge. American Safari Cruises introduces exclusive wine and culinary yacht cruise adventures. Sample award-winning wine and cruise through history, witnessing the natural beauty and taste of the Pacific Northwest. Celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary, birthday or just enjoy your passion for highly-rated fine wines amidst one of the USA's most scenic backgrounds. Relax in the comfort of a luxury yacht without the worries of driving.

An exclusive, sublime yet exciting, cruise/tour through Washington's ideal wine grape growing regions is available for individual staterooms and private charter.

Whether you’re a new visitor or returning, Hawaii’s six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler. American Safari Cruises focuses on the Maui Country group of islands (Molokai, Lanai and Maui) plus the Big Island. You'll learn the legend and lore of the islands from historians and experts. No other expedition-style vessels cruise in Hawaii because they carry too many passengers, preventing them from disembarking at some of the islands or adhering to strictly-timed port calls. Yachting in Hawaii combines cove-to-cove cruising with up-close wildlife viewing and cultural experiences. Long anticipated and not to be missed!!

Mexico's Sea of Cortes
Travel through Mexico's Sea of Cortés by luxury yacht, kayak, motorized inflatable boats and on foot, and encounter flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world. In this World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, experience pods of dolphins numbering in the thousands and view the many whale species including the largest living being on earth -- the blue whale.

Pacific Northwest/Canada
George Vancouver, an English sea captain and well-known explorer, arrived in this area in the early 1790s. After weeks of sailing in the open ocean, his mood needed a lift; and when he entered Puget Sound, the very waters that you’ll travel through, he was transformed by the striking, serene beauty of the land and seascapes that surrounded him.