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Heritage Adventures

Unfolding History

Long, long ago and far away… there’s no actual time travel involved; however, you will transcend the modern era. Relive days of yore aboard a replica Victorian steamer on an unparalleled journey. History comes to life. Learn and feel the spirit of an illustrious past with exhibits ashore and onboard Legacy reenactments, where our Legacy Leaders bring back heroes of yesteryear.

Every destination has a beginning and when you sail aboard the S.S. Legacy on one of the Heritage Adventures. Period décor defines an atmosphere as elegant and refined as the era; and modern amenities provide extra pampering. After a day of touring, enjoy an evening cocktail and spin on the dance floor or soak in the on-deck hot tub.

What defines the experience…

  • Legacy reenactments bring history to life
  • Greater quantity of port calls or shore visits
  • Visits to museums and historical sites
  • Dance floor for entertaining evenings on board
  • Educational presentations by onboard Legacy Leaders
  • Gourmet cuisine and fine dining
  • Fine wine, premium spirits and microbrews are included
  • No extra charge for port fees or taxes
  • Moderate to high price point


Living History: Visions of the Past
Nautical history, human history, the history of nations—it tells many stories. And history doesn’t just come to life—Un-Cruise bring it to life. It comes alive in historic ports steeped in legend and fact; on tours that guide you through time; during visits with local historians and native peoples who unfold the past; and with characters of yore who join you to share their stories… the Heritage Adventures beckon.

Perhaps your very ancestors sailed the seas making discoveries of their own and meeting fascinating personalities. Sharing that same sense of adventure you could find yourself being greeted by Teddy Roosevelt, founder of the National Park Service; standing on the bow alongside John Muir, awed by the thunderous crack of a glacier; or finding inspiration, as a budding photographer and geographer, listening to the tales of Eliza Scidmore.

Timely Elements
You won’t have to don buckskin or a coonskin cap, but you may encounter someone who does. Either way, we’ll make your journey memorable in unimaginable ways:

  • Interpretive staff prepares you for visits ashore
  • Characters appear in period costume
  • Presentations by knowledgeable historians
  • Expert guest speakers step on board keeping history alive
  • See important artifacts in the regions visited
  • Local residents share their heritage
  • Informative activities to enhance your place in time
  • Coastal steamer replica with Victorian-style decor


Heritage Adventures cruise the following destinations: Alaska and Columbia & Snake Rivers.

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