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Lindblad Expeditions

The Explorer is operated through a partnership with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. Lindblad has been turning vacationers into explorers for over 50 years, and they believe that adventurous travelers long for an original experience that reveals a destination to them in a way that is distinct unto itself. These are not tours - these are expeditions. Everyone is different; every day is different. And while Lindblad sets out with a purpose, guests return with treasures a bit less tangible than spices and silk. Rather, guests return with knowledge, experience and shared memories, which are gained by relentlessly seeking innovative ways to examine our world.

Lindblad's nimble expedition ships are designed to nose into ports and call on islands where large cruise ships cannot go, while their expert team of Naturalists, Historians, Undersea Specialists and Ice Masters encourage you to celebrate the essence of a place, rather than fashion it to fit your preconceptions. Committed to the core, Lindblad's staff forever approach the mysteries of nature and the vitality of cultures with a fresh eye, whether it be from the seat of a kayak in Antarctica, through the lens of a snorkeling mask in Galápagos, on a guided walk through Luxor Temple in Egypt, or watching an arctic polar bear traveling on an ice floe.

Lindblad offers expeditions in the Polar Regions, the Galapagos Islands, The Americas (Including the Sea of Cortez), Europe, The Mediterranean and Egypt. Frontiers is pleased to be named as one of their exclusive Lex Leaders, a special group of top travel agencies nationwide. We have been a longtime supporter of Lindblad and their philosophy of "The Tonic of Wildness." Our company was chosen as Lex Leaders on the basis of our proactive and successful sales and marketing of Lindblad Expeditions. In addition, Frontiers' Susie Gavlik has completed extensive training to become a Lindblad Expeditions Specialist. Contact a Frontiers Travel Expert today to discuss the possibilities that await you with Lindblad Expeditions.