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Meet the Artist

Lacy Duarte
Lacy Suite Et Handmade Book is her main art work at Estancia Vik: Territories, textile techniques, collage, needlework, embroidery 

Lacy Duarte created an assemblage of puppets carved in ceibo wood, small silver sculptures, stones and textiles on a carpenter's bench hung on a large canvas plane treated with paints using local techniques, such as mud, and vegetable textures. Duarte holds onto an intensely rural past. Her memories from childhood and early youth--when toys were made by her mother who would carve them out of ceibo wood- finishing with elemental material--mud, wool, animal blood- have strongly influenced the aesthetic view of this prolific Uruguayan artist.

Her education started in an academic way when she took lessons from a Hungarian teacher of painting. Long after that, she travelled to the international centers of art in Europe and the United States. She returned home to follow her belief that as an artist, she was meant to explore her deepest roots: her bond with the Uruguayan countryside.  The 'traperas' or rags - emblematic elements in Duarte's work - evoke this misunderstood and magical world of country life. The 'trapera' is an everyday object used to cover, to protect from the cold, which she uses to symbolize the emotional protection from the forces of an immense and generous nature.

Pablo Atchugarry
Living Room
Main Art Work at Estancia Vik: South Light Sculpture in Carrera Statuary white marble Sculpture, Front Door
Front Door at Playa Vik: The Gate to Paradise

Sculpture in Bronze Stone is the material often associated with the beginning of human civilization. The first two great prehistoric periods include it in their names: Palaeolithic, "an ancient stone age" and Neolithic, "new stone age". These ages represent a transition from the engraved stone (the iconic texture of the Palaeolithic) to the polished stone (the iconic texture of the Neolithic). Atchugarry penetrates the depths of civilization using the first material humans found imbuing these stones with thoughts of life, nutrition, economy, religion, and art. He deals with volume and space.

The clefts, the perforations on marble, are zones where space flows, time flows, and the winds of history travel freely, caressing these surfaces which are close to the skin, the silk, the smoothness of river water. The impossible 'light stone fantasy' of the sculptures materializes in the hands of our artist. An important piece of white marble was chosen for Estancia Vik and the resulting sculpture was placed precisely at the center of the architecture, the place where the geographical energies of the North-South and the East-West axes intersect. It is at this point where the palette becomes the sole color; white, the color of excellence, purity, light, perfection, the beginning, and the cloud.

At Playa Vik, Atchugarry inspired by Ghiberti's famous Gates of Paradise at the Baptistery in Florence, created a modern day version in bronze. Using similar forms as seen in his marble sculptures Atchugarry has created a masterpiece of contemporary sculpture.

Alejandro Turell
Main art work at Estancia Vik: Turell Suite. Oil on Canvas.
Metal Assemblage
lbirapita Wood Sculpture, West Patio

Ever present in Alejandro Turell's works are the environmental elements, their ecological identity, and the animals that are depicted with scientific dedication in his paintings and prints. His work reminds us of the art of the 18th and 19th centuries when artists used their art to explain the surrounding world. Turell changes the way we look at our own environment, helping us on our everyday journey of discovery. We become privileged observers of his fearless and curious view of nature's wonders.

Alejandro Turell encourages us to go deeper in our search for knowledge and connects us with geniuses such as Linne, Darwin and Humboldt, mixing art and science in an exquisite way. Turell complements his magnificent artistic proposition with three incredible rustic books; "Naturalium" "Florae Iconography" and ''Sightings," a unique collection of Uruguay's wild nature.

Ricardo Pascale
Main Work at Estancia Vik: West Patio
Wood Sculptures

Ricardo Pascale is a remarkable sculptor. His sculptures reside in the West Patio, a space that conjures images of the end of the day, colors of the ground, bittersweet nostalgia that come with the culmination of a great day. His works have an easy-going nature with a specific taste, strength and tenderness that transforms gracefully for either exterior or interior spaces.

It is no surprise that wood is his sole material. His works are guided by the concept that delight comes from wooden surfaces. The lustre of the original tree, its aging process and the story inscribed on its veins and interstices provide his monumental objects with a unique personality. Curved shapes have sensuality and opulence within the choreographic behavior, the accuracy of a logarithmic spiral, or a modulated process of growth ruled by the look of someone like Fibonacci or the eternal principles of the golden rule, that perfectly measure everything, in a passionate search for aesthetic perfection.

Pablo Casacuberta
Main Work at Playa Vik: Exodus, the Living Room of Casa Raices

Pablo Casacuberta, born in 1969, Montevideo, Uruguay, is a filmmaker, writer, and visual artist with a Masters in Arts in Experimental Media, UK.Hsi visual work has been exhibited in New York, Venice, Barcelona and Montevideo. Casacuberta started his career as a graphic designer, publishing illustration posters and book covers. And moved rapidly towards design for television, where his visual style received recognition and awards. He has received a Clio and was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best Video category. He was also a finalist for the international Sundance NHK prize. In 1998 he directed an experimental feature film, "Another George", shot in the UK in collaboration with the Japanese Director Yukihiko go to. The film was later selected as part of 'Britspotting", a festival in Berlin that showcases the best British independent films from emerging directors. In October 2001, Boards Magazine selected him as one of the most 10 promising new directors for advertising in the world. He has worked for MN, Citibank, Nike, Volkswagen, Suzuki, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Sky. His audiovisual work has been broadcast in more than twenty countries. In 2006, he directed second unit scenes for "Children of Men", a feature film directed by Alfonso Cuaron.In 2010 he worked as a second unit director for the celebrated Nike "Write History'' spot, which was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez lnarritu. Later that year he directed a global campaign for MNHD, a new MN channeling High Definition, and also a global campaign for the MlV Europe Music Awards. In 2010 he also directed a Coca Cola campaign for the Chinese market.

In 1990 he published his first fiction book, "Ahora le toea alelefante" (Now is the Elephants Turn), which was followed by "La parte de abajo de las cosas" (The Underside of Things) in 1992,"Esta maquina roja" (The Red Machine) in 1995,"EImar" (The Sea) in 2000, "Una linea mas o menos recta" (A More or Less Straight Line) in 2001,and "Aquiy ahora" (Here and Now) in 2002. He received the Uruguay National literature Prize in 1996. In 2007 he was selected by the Hay Festival's one of the 39 most promising Latin American writers under forty. His books have now been published in Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia. In March 2010 he published a new novel,"Escipion" (Scipio) in Madrid.