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February 2, 2012
Arrive Montevideo

Guests will arrive at Estancia Vik where their hosts, Kike Badaro and Delia Negro, will receive them for lunch at a traditional barbeque (asado). Following the asado, Estancia Vik's architect, Marcelo Daglio, will delve into the origins and designs of traditional Uruguayan Estancias.

Marcelo Daglio, together with Delia Negro and Kike Badaro, will accompany guests on a tour throughout the impressive property utilizing their knowledge and expertise to educate.

Kike will speak to guests about his journey with art and his relationship with colors.

February 3, 2012
Guests will dine at both properties and join the artists who created the masterpieces that define Estancia Vik and Playa Vik. The artists will explain their creative and material processes. Following each meal, the artists will personally escort guests through the various suites for an up close view of the art.

Guests will visit Playa Vik at sunset (described as 'the best on the planet') for Tango, cocktails and a special artist visit. The history of the Tango will be explained and participants will enjoy Tango lessons courtesy of professional dancers at Playa Vik's Sculpture. Artist, Pablo Casacuberta, will be present to explore the magnificent surrounding art with our guests.

February 4, 2012
Local sculptors, Ricardo Pascale and Alejandro Turell, will engage the guests in the art of creating masterpieces out of stones: "Geodas and Amatistas." 

Following their sculpture introduction, guests will partake in a Uruguayan lunch with the artists followed by a guided tour of Pablo Atchugarry's monumental Sculpture Park. Guests will then have an afternoon at leisue to explore the charming village of Faro José Ignacio, browse shops in nearby La Barra or Punta del Este and visit the atelier of Carlos Paez Vilaro. From there tea and sunset will be enjoyed at Casa Pueblo, the house ovular, now a citadel-sculpture that includes a museum, an art gallery and the Hotel Casa Pueblo. 

February 5, 2012
Guests will begin their day on horseback with the expert gauchos on staff at Estancia Vik and delight in the the wonder of riding through the vast landscape surrounding the property.

Back from the stables guests will be transferred to the unique restaurant "La Caracola," where the relaxed and bohemian style of Jose Ignacio on one of Uruguay's most exclusive beaches can be enjoyed. Great food, ambiance and fun for the afternoon to enjoy Jose Ignacio's Playa Brava (brave beach) with sunset cocktails at Jose Ignacio's coolest spot, "La Huella."

Back from the day's adventures guests will dive into the Uruguayan culinary culture of the Asado and learn the difference between a typical Uruguayan "Asado" versus those of other Latin American countries.

February 6, 2012
Alejandro Turell, one of the renowned Estancia Vik artists and naturalists, will lead an excursion through the ecological footpaths of Estancia Vik. Guests will engage with the wonders of Uruguayan wildlife through bird watching and tracking indigenous animals.

Guests will have the opportunity to venture into town to visit artists in their workshops and view more of their collections. Visit to Lacy Duarte's studio.

February 7, 2012
The art trip will conclude with a theoretical discussion of the trip's art experience between the guests, their hosts and artists. 

Afterwards guests will be transferred to Garzon Village to explore this colonial village and dine at world renowned chef Francis Mallmann's boutique bistro "Garzon Restaurant." After lunch transfers will be provided to the Montevideo Airport.