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Matemo Island, Mozambique Activities

There is plenty going on at Matemo.....

For guests who enjoy water sports there is windsurfing, water skiing, wake and knee boarding, as well as sailing (Hobie Cat or Gypsy Sailing Dinghy). Children and fun-loving adults can enjoy volleyball, beach tennis and cricket, whilst kayaks are available for guests to explore the clear waters around the island point. They will happily take guests by boat to explore the surrounding Quirimbas marine life, which includes dolphins all year round and whales from August to November. The area's colourful fish life can also be explored by snorkelling around the coral "bommies" that are dotted around Matemo island. Guided and unguided snorkelling is available. Local dhows can be hired for dhow cruises around the island, particularly popular during the magical Mozambique sunset hour.

Guided village tours by landcruiser gives you the opportunity to experience Quirimba island life and customs, and to witness the age-old skills of dhow building and constructing local homes. Nature lovers can follow one of the many footpaths on this Mozambique island, enjoying the call of the fish eagle and looking out for giant coconut crabs along the way. Bird lovers will delight in the wide range of Palaearctic migrants around the island, as well as the many waders frequenting tidal pools.

Be sure not to miss a boat trip to Ibo Island, or as the locals call it 'Ilha do Ibo'. From the 15th to the 18th century, Ibo was a prosperous trading post, and the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado. Grand colonial administration buildings lined its streets, and three majestic forts stood guard over the sea. This little mangrove, coral and palm-fringed island has a history of slaves, pirates, silver, ivory and intrigue. A guided walk will provide a chance to interact with the amazing local people and observe their unique island culture. Traditional silversmiths still operate from the main fort, and a guided walk will include a visit to the school, the ancient cemetery, the beautiful old Catholic Church and other buildings of interest. Zoned for World Heritage Status and part of the Quirimbas National Park, Ibo Island is one of northern Mozambique's most authentic secrets!

Fishing: With deep water occurring close to Matemo Island, fishing enthusiasts don't have to travel far for thrilling encounters with big game fish. The protected Quirimbas waters around Matemo produce some of the most exciting game fish to catch and release - kingfish, barracuda, dorado, queenfish, Sierra, wahoo, dog-tooth tuna and sailfish. Sailfish season is between July and December on the Mozambique coast, whilst peak activity for wahoo occurs from September to April and for dorado from October to March. Yellowfin tuna is a main target species, with big shoals found around Matemo all year round. Kingfish are also present all year round and their size and sheer power makes them one of the most sought-after quarry of serious fishermen.

Matemo's fishing boat, Caldeira, is a Gulf Craft 31"Dolphin Super Deluxe, powered by two 115hp Yamaha outboard motors and offers an extended T-Top to shield guests from the tropical Mozambique sun. On board, the captain and gillie will present you with tackle, lures and bait, and will ensure that you have the best professional guidance, whatever your fishing ability.

One of the world's most renowned fishing destinations is accessible from Matemo - the St Lazarus Banks, a sea mountain 20 x 30 km in extent, rises from 2,4 km deep to within six metres of the ocean surface bringing together a fascinating combination of marine life. Matemo offers luxury live-aboard boat trips to St Lazarus Banks for the ultimate game fishing extravaganza.

Diving: The unspoilt coral reefs and outcrops surrounding Matemo Island are one of Mozambique's best-kept secrets. Flanked by the northern Mozambique coastline to the west and the Mozambique channel to the east, these protected waters boast an astounding diversity of marine species, all within close proximity of your launching point. Moray eels, stingrays, barracuda, kingfish and other pelagic gamefish can be seen whilst diving here in Quirimba tropical waters that seldom drop below 26c. Dolphins are frequently encountered whilst humpback whales can be sighted between August and October. Leatherback, loggerhead and green turtles are often seen in the water, coming ashore to lay their eggs on the sandy island beaches.

Whether you are a novice or experienced diver, Matemo will help you experience the magic of scuba diving. Matemo offers a range of diving courses, such as Discover Scuba, Open Water and Advanced Open Water. The experienced diving instructor co-ordinates the diving courses and plans every diving trip, taking care of all the details. Matemo uses PADI Instructors and Dive Masters as a minimum standard and do not conduct technical or deep-water dives that warrant a chamber.

Matemo's 7 major dive sites offer a range of diving environments that are simply breathtaking, taking in coral "bommies", reef banks, soft sponges, plate and lettuce corals. For more experienced divers there is the challenge of a 40 metre wall dive, with frequent sightings of pelagic gamefish, as well as a fascinating 90-foot-long wreck dive that needs to be experienced in calm conditions. One of the most popular sites for its sheer diversity is Rush Hour (16-30 metres), named after the schools of barracuda, kingfish, blue banded snapper and fusiliers that frequent this reef bank. Here you are likely to encounter spotted and honeycomb Morays hiding in coral shelters as well as ribbon eels and blue spotted stingrays. On shallower coral "bommie" dives, such as Rolas Rainbow (8-10 metres), you are likely to see resident reef fish such as sweetlips, pufferfish, angelfish and triggerfish, with their rainbow colours allowing for fantastic photographic opportunities.

To ensure ultimate relaxation, a range of simple spa treatments is on offer and can be enjoyed wherever guests please.