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Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar Overview

If you have ever harboured a secret wish of finding yourself the sole inhabitant of a beautiful tropical island, but without the effort of having to lift a finger to fend for yourself, Mnemba Island Lodge is just the place for you! Mnemba is inhabited only by a handful of guests and the warm, friendly staff taking care of them. While the dazzling sands and brilliant sunshine invite you to spend idle hours on shore, magnificent coral reefs create an underwater wonderland that lures you to explore the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. With a dive school and two dives boats for just 20 guests on this tiny island, you will never feel crowded during your underwater adventure.

Set off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar and surrounded by a coral atoll, Mnemba is home to a staggering diversity of marine life. In an effort to protect and preserve these precious ecosystems, andBEYOND has partnered with the Zanzibar government and the local fishing communities to have the atoll and its surroundings proclaimed the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area.