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New Zealand Wine & Food

Prepare to have good times and to eat and drink well in New Zealand. The Kiwis know how to have fun and love sharing their enthusiasm with visitors. The country's temperate climate allows for outdoor living most months of the year. Sidewalk cafes abound and are always busy. A long growing season means an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies all year long, and since one can never be more than a hundred miles from the sea, the scallops on your dinner plate may well have been harvested that morning. The country has come a long way from the "meat and three veggies" mentality, a holdover from the English heritage. Farmers are planting olive trees on their acreage and pressing some fine oils from the harvest. Specialty cheeses are being produced on both islands. Talented young chefs are being trained overseas and coming home to work their magic on the special ingredients their native country provides.

A Chardonnay from the Kumeu River Vineyard north of Auckland was recently awarded top honors by Wine Spectator magazine. Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs have an outstanding reputation worldwide. A 2000 Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir was named "Pinot Noir of the World." The wines of New Zealand have arrived to high praise on the world market. In Hawkes Bay and Marlborough one can go for a bike ride through the vineyards. It's easy to incorporate vineyard visits into a New Zealand itinerary as the regions are scattered throughout the country.

We'd love to plan your exciting New Zealand holiday. If your focus is on fishing, carve out a few extra days to sample other sights. Traveling with a nonangling companion? He or she will never lack for extraordinary places to visit and things to see while you fish. If your desire is for a nonsporting vacation offering the best of the country in the time you can spend, we will design the itinerary of your dreams. Call us. Our promise is to share our passion and help you find yours.