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Tasting Chile

World-renowned chefs give life to a unique culinary program hosted by Nomads of the Seas and chef Guillermo Rodríguez aboard the Atmosphere, offering a vivid sensory experience for the 21st-century explorer. The Tasting Chile Program arose through a desire to redefine a modern cuisine that has, until now, been confined to a single physical location. During a stretch of eight weeks a year, the Atmosphere will serve as the stage to an experience that blends Chilean Patagonian cuisine, culture and nature by air, land and water. This sensory expedition unfurls under the banner of planned improvisation, ensuring itinerary and programs that are tailored to specific interests and preferences though dependent upon weather conditions, site accessibility and forces of nature.

Each and every sensory expedition into the secret culinary life of Patagonia is led by acclaimed chef Guillermo Rodríguez in the company of other national and international renowned chefs. The resulting synergy between the chefs' diverse multi-ethnic backgrounds gives rise to a unique cultural and culinary exchange that preserves traditional Chilean products and recipes while emphasizing a modern and innovative presentation.

Guillermo Rodriguez, motivated by the desire to revive the traditional products and recipes of his youth, is one of Chile’s greatest culinary champions. Among the first generation of trained chefs in Chile, his dedication and passion earned him scholarship to further his studies in Paris. Back in Chile, he opened two prestigious restaurants— L’Etoile at the Sheraton San Cristobal Tower Hotel and the Bristol at the San Francisco Hotel Plaza. Today he is the official gastronomic advisor to the President of Chile; has his own cooking program on the Latin-American food channel; and is the creator of the Chilean Chapter of the prestigious French association, Les Toques Blanches. Since 2006, he has been responsible for the superb cuisine of Nomads of the Seas. In 2010 and 2011, he will be joined aboard by renowned chefs such as Dani Garcia, Alex Atala and Dolli Irigoyen among others.

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