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About Travel Dynamics International

For more than 35 years, Travel Dynamics International has been one of the leading operators of high-caliber educational programs aboard small cruise ships. Offering customized, all-inclusive voyages guided by distinguished scholars and experts, they cater to the traveler with a keen intellectual interest in history, culture, and nature. Many of their journeys follow in the footsteps of famous explorers and intellectuals -- Odysseus, St. Paul, Charles Darwin, and Jason and the Argonauts, to name a few. Founded on the belief that traveling and learning about the world and its many cultures enriches individuals and society as a whole, Travel Dynamics International excels at voyages to places that offer a historic and cultural environment.

Travel Dynamics International's luxury small-ship cruises are unique in the world of cultural and educational travel. They specialize in Mediterranean cruises to unusual destinations of classical significance in Greece, Italy, Turkey, and the coastal North African nations of Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt. TDI also leads extraordinary expeditions into natural wonderlands, including Antarctica and the Amazon; and conducts exotic cultural cruises, exploring indigenous communities, like those along the west coast of Africa. Unique offerings also include epic voyages utterly unknown to cruise ships, such as crossing the remote South Atlantic Ocean from the tip of Patagonia to South Africa. Frontiers supports their approach to enriching education through travel, and wholeheartedly recommends the Travel Dynamics International cruise experience.