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The Wildlife Adventures Program has been developed for nature lovers that are interested in the mystery of Patagonia but also appreciate the finer things in life and creature comforts. Aided by expert guides, explorers experience an in-depth lesson on Patagonia`s natural beauty and unique ecosystem with the outdoors as the classroom. Birding, whale watching and nature photography are some of the main activities, complemented by expeditions such as rafting, trekking (including a helicopter airlift to specific areas of interest), horseback riding, jet-boating excursions, air-borne panoramic sightseeing, and river and sea kayaking. After a morning of hiking, don't be surprised if your guides lead you to a scenic mountaintop where a table has appeared out of thin air and the chefs stand ready to treat you to their latest gourmet creations -- alfresco!

Along Atmosphere`s navigation route there is a rich population of small endemic cetaceans such as Peale`s dolphins, Commerson`s dolphins, dusky dolphins and Chilean or black dolphins. Larger species of considerable variety are also regularly spotted during their migration seasons: beaked whales, rorquals, sperm whales, orcas (killer whales) and the always awe-inspiring blue whale, which in this region has a smaller fluke than its Northern Hemisphere peers. Peak season for whale watching is February and March.

Through a selection of activities both physically and spiritually engaging, guests will appreciate and explore the breathtaking seashore and surrounding rivers, forests and mountains. To embark on this adventure all you need is eagerness and the joy of discovering unexplored territory as seen from a new perspective -- the Nomads perspective.

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