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Live Penguin Camera on Torgersen Island, Antarctica Abercrombie & Kent, a Frontiers’ Favorite tour operator, has recently installed a “Penguin Cam” in Antarctica that snaps a live shot of the penguins every 60 seconds. A&K delivered the camera on December 15, 2012 during the A&K Antarctica Climate Change Challenge Voyage, and installed it on Torgersen Island, home to a colony of Adelie penguins.

Dr. James McClintock, endowed Professor of Microbiology and Marine Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who accompanied the A&K voyage, explained that the Adelie penguins are undergoing tremendous challenges on the island as a result of rapid climate change throughout the region.

Our “Penguin Cam” will allow school classrooms and other educational demonstrations to take control of the camera to get better views of the penguins during their breeding season – from October to February. The images are updated every 60 seconds – making this truly unprecedented as this is the first camera with this “real time” capacity to study penguins. Note: as it is solar-powered there may sometimes be brief outages due to inclement weather.

This was a gift from Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy and OREO to the Long Term Ecological Research project at Palmer Station.

For more on travel to Antarctica, contact Natasha Tichy (NTichy@frontierstravel.com) – the only Frontiers agent to travel to this snowy region!

Click here to view the live camera.

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