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Tour of the Dragon

Calling all Cyclists: Come and Ride in the Happiest Place on Earth, Bhutan! 
And Support the Philanthropic Efforts for “Save the Tiger-Bhutan."

When Co-Owner, Mollie Fitzgerald, first visited Bhutan, she was completely blown away by the tiny land-locked Buddhist kingdom, nestled high in the Himalayas.  The “Land of the Thunder Dragon” captured her imagination like no other – the dramatic and unforgettable landscapes (think snow-capped mountain passes littered with thousands of prayer flags, lush forests, and deep fertile valleys forged by raging boulder-strewn streams).  Think about riding in this wild terrain WITH NOT A SINGLE TRAFFIC LIGHT IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!  

The Amankora Lodges (best accommodation in the kingdom) is sponsors a 268-km race, “Tour of the Dragon,” from Bhumtang in the east corner of the country to the capital of Thimphu.  Proceeds from the race will benefit “Save the Tiger,” a non-profit organization devoted to raising the awareness of Bhutan’s shrinking tiger population and the challenges to its habitat.  With an early morning start time, riders will ascend four passes, and pass through dramatic river valleys en route.  The idea is to arrive at the Thimphu Clock Tower in time for the celebration party (at which adult beverages will be featured!).  Of course the race itself is preceded by a 10-day tour of this special destination (or customized to your objectives) staying at the five fabulous Amankora lodges en route including racing jersey, sports massages en route and more fun than you can ever imagine!

We anticipate a small team of about 14 riders – seize the moment and make this your year to see Bhutan – the Frontiers way!!

See the full itinerary from prevsious years below and contact Mollie Fitzgerald (Mollie@frontierstravel.com) for additional details.

Click to view or download (Adobe Acrobat) Tour of the Dragon Itinerary