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Wines of Mendoza

For those into wine, it’s hardly headlines that Mendoza is the heart of the wine country in Argentina, the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Home to 80 percent of the Argentine production, Mendoza is much more than just another wine destination -- the outstanding wines, the amazing diversity in winery architecture, the unique landscapes and the warmth of the locals make this wine country “one of a kind.”

High altitude, poor soils, lack of ocean influence, intense sun exposure, and the love and passion of those who work the vineyards combine to give us full-bodied, powerfully expressive wines. Though originally from France, Malbec never found the ideal soil conditions in its native land that are present in Argentina at the foot of the Andes. Mendoza’s Malbec is considered to be the best in the world and has been awarded many well-deserved medals in international wine contests.

When it comes to wineries, the diversity of styles and identities are as rich as the number of varieties growing in these southern latitudes. During the last decade, Mendoza has flourished with ultramodern, design-forward wineries on one hand and purely Medocinian mud-toned structures on the other; both aim at respecting the original look and feel of the original wineries in the region. No matter which style you prefer, choosing a favorite is a tall order. They are all distinctively amazing.

But there is one other overriding characteristic that sets this wine region apart from others in the world -- the breathtaking Andes. Picture thousands of acres of vineyards framed by a majestic snowcapped mountain range. No matter where you are in the wine country, these towering peaks stand sentinel over your glass, offering dramatic views to complement that perfect sip of Malbec.

Lastly, though, Mendoza has its soul -- The Mendocinos. It's a fact that the world is full of beautiful destinations, but only those with a soul are the ones that will remain in your heart forever. Every single tree, every vineyard, every fruit tree growing in this desert has been planted by man, which is why Mendocinos are so proud of their land. Without that, every guest setting foot in this oenophile’s oasis would just be sipping another fantastic glass of wine in another glorious setting. But in Mendoza, your soul never slips away.

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