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Zegrahm Expeditions was created in October 1990 with the goal of offering the most intriguing adventures throughout the world, whether by land or sea and with a focus on cultural, wildlife and educational travel. And traveling with Zegrahm truly is an adventure, whether it’s to the unfrequented Northwest and Northeast Passages, the Great White Continent of Antarctica, or in-depth sojourns in the islands of the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Operating a fleet of expedition vessels, including chartered sailing ships, icebreakers and yachts, Zegrahm travels to some of the most fascinating far reaches of the world while maintaining the utmost respect for conservation and environmental responsibility. Expedition sizes vary, though their largest ship will carry no more than 180 passengers. Indeed, many of their river and land journeys are limited to 20 passengers or less, allowing participants personal contact with their leaders and naturalists, making each trip truly expeditionary in nature. Most expeditions are led by one or more of Zegrahm 's experienced founders.

Arctic Journeys
Labeled Ultima Thule (farthest land) by ancient geographers, the lands and seas of the Far North were once unreachable. Using expedition ships and icebreakers, Zegrahm presents travelers the opportunity to view Arctic wildlife, seabirds, whales, polar bears; encounter indigenous peoples who carve out a living at the ends of the habitable earth; and attain destinations long sought after by a succession of polar explorers, such as the North Pole and Northeast Passage.

Polar Bear Quest: A Voyage through Svalbard - Departs July 5, 2011
During your luxury Arctic cruise the magical light of summer shines on Norway’s scenic coastline and the wildlife-rich wilderness of Spitsbergen. Brightly painted towns and vertical cliffs veiled in lacey cascades call to the camera while millions of seabirds—kittiwakes, shags, fulmars, and puffins—call this natural paradise home. Pristine land- and icescapes await you in Spitsbergen and numerous Zodiac excursions bring you up-close to whales, seals, and beaches covered with hauled-out walrus. During your eight days in Svalbard, keep a lookout for polar bears along ice-fringed shores.

Northwest Passage: An Arctic Adventure - Departs August 22, 2011
Be a part of Arctic adventure travel history on the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov’s 17th and final transit of the Northwest Passage. This remarkable 23-day Arctic expedition offers the best of western Greenland and the Canadian and Russian Arctic and provides countless opportunities to observe and photograph stunning scenery and Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, walruses, seals, and seabirds. In addition, your Arctic expedition team will provide valuable insight into the great explorers who have navigated this northern sea route, including Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated quest.

Antarctica Journeys
An expedition to Antarctica offers the opportunity of treading where no one may have been before as you ride Zodiacs through waters populated by whales and seals to land amid masses of raucous penguins or albatross colonies -- or negotiate pack ice and tabular icebergs aboard an icebreaker. Zegrahm has a reputation as one of the most experienced operators in Antarctica; combined, their leaders have visited the Great White Continent more than 250 times.

Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falkland Islands - Departs January 26 & December 26, 2011
Your Antarctica cruise is a luxury expedition to the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and Elephant Island, the little-known natural wonderland of South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. Join this Antarctic adventure and cruise through this thrilling land of abundant wildlife and icebergs while learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition history. Together, your expedition leaders have visited the continent more than 250 times, a level of experience that allows you to share the best of Antarctica’s rarely traveled areas.

Antarctica's Ross Sea: In the Land of Emperor Penguins - Departs November 7, 2011
Few people have had the privilege to stand surrounded by the lords of Antarctica, emperor penguins, the largest of all penguin species and regarded as one of the most difficult birds to see in their natural habitat. During this voyage, Antarctica is bathed in 24 hours of continuous daylight, reflecting off enormous glaciers and towering icebergs beset in mile after mile of frozen fast ice. Combine this splendor with the most majestic of penguins and the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand, and you have our expedition through the Ross Sea.


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