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SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yachting is different than big ship cruising. With just 55 staterooms each, the SeaDream twin yachts, SeaDream I & SeaDream II, have the huge advantage of accessing smaller ports and harbors that can't accommodate larger vessels. This means that you might cover a little less territory but in more detail, thus giving you a feel for the place instead of a mere fleeting visit. And with less distance to cover, they maximize the time in each port, often sailing after midnight so you can enjoy strolling through these atmospheric places in the evening.

With an award-winning crew of 94 (nearly a 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio), your every whim is catered to. A low-key, relaxed ambiance prevails, allowing each guest to enjoy the cruise at their own pace and in their own style. The key word is "unstructured." Attire is country club casual, so there are no formal nights, no set times for dinner, and the staff will know the guests' name, favorite drink and other preferences by the first night.

While their itineraries in Europe include several of the world's famous yachting harbors, such as Nice, Monte Carlo and Capri, they also visit the charming towns and ports of Positano, Italy; Hydra Island, Greece; and Hvar, Croatia. In the Caribbean, they feature 22 yachting ports and harbors. This could be the perfect cruise for the non-cruise type person. These twin mega-yachts offer the utmost in elegance superimposed with a thoroughly modern, ultra-casual, laid-back atmosphere.