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About Un-Cruise Adventures

Here at Frontiers, we just love Un-Cruise Adventures; the moment you step aboard the yachts, you'll know you have found something special. Your Captain personally welcomes you and the crew greets you with hors d'oeuvres and champagne as your yacht adventure begins. You have become a pampered guest, one of the very few, who will leave the crowds behind to cruise at fingertip closeness through some of the most magnificent destinations in Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy the pleasures of an all-inclusive yachting experience without doing any of the work. You will nose so close to pristine waterfalls that you feel the invigorating spray. Every itinerary is flexible enough that your Captain can change course when word of a whale sighting comes over the radio, or slow the engines and linger in a tidal inlet if bears are out foraging on the beach. Maybe the guests agree they want to spend extra time kayaking, hiking, or beachcombing. It is your trip.

Yacht cruising is perfect for active adventurers who desire to escape to unknown harbors without sacrificing comfort. Throughout your voyage, you're accompanied by a knowledgeable Expedition Leader who offers timely narratives about the local history and wildlife, introduces you to indigenous peoples, and keeps a lookout for wildlife. Children and families are welcome aboard for private charters or during designated cruise weeks set aside for a special ‘Kids in Nature’ program, designed to introduce small adventurers to nature’s wonders. Many highlights of a journey with Un-Cruise Adventures fall "below the radar" of a typical cruise experience because larger vessels simply cannot reach the coves, lagoons and waterways accessible to a yacht. The world is certainly vast, but it is best experienced in small doses — up-close and yacht personal!

Discover the inner reaches of Alaska's Inside Passage, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico's Sea of Cortéz, Columbia/Snake Rivers and Pacific Northwest/British Columbia.  Multiple agents in our office have been onboard Un-Cruise yachts and they are standing by to plan your perfect un-cruise adventure!