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Castles and Country Manors Tour

Scotland includes some of the most beautiful and well preserved Castles and Country Manors in the world. The architect and landscape rival some of the most beautiful pageantry in all the British Isles.

Frontiers can custom design a "touch of luxury" package for you that could include both touring some of the grandest castles in Scotland and luxuriating in amazingly unique Manors and Hotels during this exciting trip. The fairytale like design of some of these amazing fortresses will delight your senses. This adventure can include some of the most beautiful majestic highlands and countryside grandeur in which to stay and play. Venture into places from 18th century estates to dramatic architectural structures. Breathtaking skylines as well as miles of untouched rugged, natural beauty will simply awe your senses.

You will find such a diverse set of cultural, historical, and interesting sights in which to tour and/or wander at your leisure. There are numerous art & history museums, theatre, dance, and other experiences in which to enjoy. For the sports and outdoor enthusiast, Scotland is diverse in its activities that may include more rigorous opportunities such as rock climbing, hiking, to activities such as Fly fishing, golfing, and walking and biking tours. Many of the activities can be arranged right at the place in which you are staying, making your trip one of ease and relaxation, even in the planning.

In Scotland, you will experience culinary delights like no other in some of the most impressive restaurants in the country. The cuisine will in many cases, exceed quality in the care taken to produce the food as well as your expectation in diversity and presentation.

Above all, Scotland is home to incredible glimpses of natural beauty and a people that will welcome you to their towns, villages, and cities. It is a vacation that delights the senses, wraps you in all the creature comforts of the 21st Century, while ruminating in the dramatics eras of by-gone days.

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