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Eastern Europe

A world of less-traveled roads once visited by Alexander the Great, Marco Polo and Genghis Khan, the Vikings and the Crusaders, Eastern Europe is a set of fascinating countries spanning thirteen time zones.  Each is unique, though all share characteristics that beckon travelers time and again; the charm of the “Old World”, stunning scenery, ancient cultures and hospitable people.

Frontiers’ routes in Eastern Europe will take you exploring the inimitable wonders of Russia with its Old Kremlins, Royal Palaces, and world-class museums. The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania showcase some of the largest and best-preserved Old Towns in Eastern Europe, quaint castles, pristine sand dunes of the Baltic Sea and an exquisite selection of amber. To savor age-old folk traditions, let Frontiers take you to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, the lands of Copernicus and Chopin, Dvorzak and Kafka, Liszt and Bartok, where you can enjoy everything from Slavonic dances and invigorating czardas to romantic walks in the country and medieval cities. Why not venture to Romania, a country of legendary Transylvania and a myriad of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the remarkable painted monasteries of Bucovina, hardly to be found anywhere else in the world. With scenic mountainous terrain, neighboring Bulgaria, one of Europe's earliest inhabited areas, never ceases to amaze its visitors with diverse cultural experiences, excellent shopping opportunities, and rejuvenating Black Sea resorts. Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are also known for excellent wines. History and culture buffs will certainly appreciate Ukraine and its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and many epicurean delights.

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