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In 2009, Abercrombie & Kent introduced the Extreme Adventure series, offering the most intrepid travelers a rare opportunity to reach corners of the globe (and stratosphere) where few had set foot before. With the support of the most experienced and capable guides in the world, explore to the edges of the Earth with five unique programs in the Arctic and Antarctic. Strenuous activity and severe temperatures mandate good physical condition to participate – for the truly adventurous only!  Contact Mollie Fitzgerald for additional information on any of the following journeys:


The South Pole: Conquering the Final Degree -- Over eighteen days, experience Antarctica as the polar explorers did, relying on only yourself, your guide and your teammates to succeed. After flying by cargo plane from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Patriot Hills, Antarctica, you’ll become one of the privileged few to arrive at the South Pole by skis, camping en route. Explore in the company of Geoff Somers, veteran of more than a dozen polar expeditions. Before reaching your ultimate destination, visit the new U.S. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station.

An Audience with Emperors -- Observe the largest of the 17 penguin species as they roost on the Lambton Glacier, an intimate encounter no Antarctic cruise can provide. From your base camp near an emperor penguin rookery, you’ll have 24/7 access to the thousands of birds that roost there, observing and photographing them from as close as 50 feet. Led by Dick Filby, who has birding experience all over the world, observe not only emperor penguins but also the Weddell seals and antarctic terns that thrive among this inhospitable land.

The Arctic

Norway: On the Trail of the Polar Bear -- Join your guide Mats Forsberg, an expert on polar bear tracking and observation, on an expedition to encounter polar bears emerging from hibernation, young cubs in tow. With only a few departures at the beginning of the Arctic spring, you’ll sleep in dome community tents throughout the expedition, spotting not only polar bears but also reindeer, ring and bearded seal, and arctic fox. Depending on weather and distances, you’ll trek, ski and/or snowmobile, staking out varied vantage points to observe the bears.

Untamed Alaska: The Arctic National Refuge -- At the time of year when the sun never sets, you’ll chart your own itinerary as you raft the northern flowing Canning River, stopping and exploring as your expert guide and team see fit. Scour the wildlife-rich Coastal Plain by small aircraft; rest at mobile campsites along the river; and fly over the vast refuge in search of the Porcupine caribou herd, one of the largest in North America.

Norway: Sledding with Dogs and Reindeer -- With the help of a top musher and several capable guides, mush your own dog sled team through the wilds of Arctic Norway and Sweden along tracks already blazed by a snowmobile. During the expedition, you’ll view wildlife and majestic scenery and spend a few nights with a Saami family in their birch-log house, enjoying traditional Norwegian hospitality. You’ll finish your experience with a night at the ICEHOTEL in Kiruna.

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