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Family Travel

“If you don’t travel first class, your heirs will!” -- Geoffrey Kent, founder & CEO of Abercrombie & Kent

Traveling with your family -- be that a three-generational journey to celebrate one of life’s significant milestones or a trip during the children’s school vacation to relax and unwind or enrich and invigorate -- provides an unmatched opportunity to strengthen bonds and nurture relationships. The collective memories, enhanced cross-cultural awareness and exchanges, and the actual experience of traveling together form a legacy that many have come to value as one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to the next generation.

From journeys that incorporate philanthropy (such as delivering school supplies in Africa, planting trees in the Amazon, and learning how to protect our coral reefs) to fun animal encounters in the Galapagos Islands to idyllic days aboard a luxury canal barge cruise in France, Frontiers is perfectly positioned to help you plan a memorable family travel experience. We listen to you and know the importance of getting all the details right, especially when it comes to traveling with children. It is a challenge as well as a joy that our experts are familiar with, many of whom travel with their children several times a year.

We are sensitive to the fact that traveling with young children is a different scenario than traveling with adolescents or older teens. We try and incorporate special interests that your kids may have into our itineraries be it music, military history or soccer . . . whatever it is that piques their curiosity! We know how to pace your days with that ever-important balance of maximizing your time but not feeling over-programmed. And we also know where the best swimming pools are worldwide, where the best gelato stands are in Italy, and what fun it is to ride an elephant, snorkel with a sea turtle, or cuddle a baby panda! In-flight sky nanny service on select airlines, hotels and resorts that edge out others with the best children’s programs, child-friendly guides that make the wonders of Ancient Egypt comprehensible and exciting for a ten-year-old -- these special touches are where our firsthand experience and expertise stand out above the rest.

Frontiers has always been a family-run organization since our inception in 1969 and, as such, we have an intimate understanding of how a holiday together is an essential, beloved and much-anticipated occasion for many families. Travel is not a superfluous luxury; rather it has become ingrained in the fabric of our lives as a necessary means of reconnecting with ourselves, our environment and with each other. Think about the material gifts you’ve received for birthdays and holidays. How many do you truly remember and cherish? Probably few when compared with the perfect recall so many of us have when it comes to memories from a trip taken with a dear friend, spouse, child or grandchild.

Let Frontiers’ staff take the worry out of planning your family travel experience. Browse through a few of our favorite recommendations for a variety of ages, or contact us to discuss what you have in mind for your next holiday!

Family Travel Ideas:

View Polar Bears in the wild in Churchill, Manitoba

Charter a Private Yacht in Alaska's Inside Passage

Construct terra cotta warriors, get nose-to-nose with pandas and toboggan China's Great Wall

Explore the Heart of France on a Canal Barge Cruise

Visit Incredible India - a delight to discover for all ages!

Sleep under the stars on a tented photo safari in Africa

Discover the Wonders of the Galapagos Islands

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