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MV Le Boreal

The MV Le Boreal brings a new era of comfort and style to Antarctic exploration. Newly built for 2010, Le Boreal is the newest and first all-balcony stateroom and suite vessel in Antarctica. Spacious and passenger-friendly, she strikes just the right balance between on-board amenities and full-fledged wilderness excitement. On other cruises to different destinations, she carries more than 264 passengers, but in Antarctica, Abercrombie & Kent limits her complement to just 199. That's an important difference: fewer passengers mean more shore excursions each day as well as outside cabins for every guest.

Le Boreal features elegant design and innovative state-of-the-art marine technology. She boasts a convenient layout, aided by three passenger elevators; a single-seating dining room; alfresco dining; an outdoor heated pool; a lecture facility and theater; and an ample gathering area and library. A full-service salon, steam rooms, spa and fitness center complete the amenities. Her 104 outside, fully equipped balcony cabins and suites are among the most comfortable guest accommodations available on any Antarctic cruise. You can watch for whales breaching outside your floor-to-ceiling window, then step out onto your balcony for a closer look. Le Boreal is also outfitted with a technologically advanced stabilizing system to minimize the effects of rough sea conditions.

Le Boreal carries a fleet of Zodiacs, 10- to 12-seat motorized rubber boats designed by Jacques Cousteau for safe operations in rough and shallow waters. Passengers can explore remote shores where there are no docking arrangements and nimbly cruise alongside towering glaciers or near pods of passing whale. The ship employs the latest environmental practices and technology, including using the cleanest-burning marine fuel, fuel-efficient motors on the Zodiacs, and a state-of-the-art positioning system that eliminates the need for dropping anchor in fragile marine reserves.

Safety is first and foremost on board. The ship is equipped with a GMDSS emergency communication system and a satellite weather system, receiving real-time images of weather and ice conditions. Announcements update passengers on current conditions of the decks. English is the primary language aboard, so instructions will be clear and understandable. Passengers will be able to communicate with officers, staff and crew at all times. Finally, a full-time physician is on board throughout the voyage.