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Nomads of the Seas

Since their debut in 2006, Nomads of the Seas has wowed guests with their innovative approach to exploration of Patagonia by air, land and water. Utilizing a versatile expedition vessel, the impeccably appointed Atmosphere, Nomads' unique journey through a hidden area of Patagonia encompasses a superb combination of adventure, enrichment and pampering. Daily excursions explore glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and volcanoes of the southern Andes; cold jungle forest; majestic fjords and the wildlife that inhabits these ecosystems. On board, guests enjoy the luxury of sumptuously comfortable living spaces, exquisite cuisine and exemplary service.
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Nomads of the Seas explores the central-southern and southern areas of Chilean Patagonia, covering over 600 nautical miles from Puerto Montt to the Taitao Peninsula. Along with Atmosphere, their complete aero-maritime system includes a helicopter, six jet boats, zodiacs, kayaks and catacrafts.

To cater to the varied interests of their passengers and to showcase the diversity of Patagonia, Nomads has created four unique programs: fly fishing; wildlife adventures (including birding and whale watching); heli-skiing; and their newest venture, a gastronomic exploration titled 'Tasting Chile'. Each day's activities are planned based on current conditions. The programs are defined between 12 and 24 hours in advance so that fishing and wildlife expeditions can take into account immediate climatic conditions and other relevant factors such as cetacean location, fish behavior, tides, etc. Every experience is custom tailored daily to provide the very best scenery and excursion opportunities.

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