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Small Ships & Adventure Cruises

Long before planes, trains and automobiles, early explorers set out on small, nimble ships to survey the uncharted corners of the earth. What would they find beyond the map’s borders? The possibility of new discoveries and expanded horizons made the lure of an expedition too great to resist for these adventurers, despite the risks and hardships.

For the 21st-century explorer, small-ship and adventure cruises remain one of the very best ways to view the world’s most remote and unique regions -- accessing waterways and ports larger ships just can’t navigate. And, while the sense of adventure and enrichment remains the same, the ‘roughing it’ associated with an expedition-type cruise has vanished with the past. Carrying from approximately 12 to 200 passengers, most of today’s small ships are marvels of comfort and technology, with many offering cuisine and service to rival that of any luxury cruise line. Accommodations are generally spacious, given the size of the ships, and wellness centers, Jacuzzis and pools are standard on many of the ones we recommend. Pair this with an exemplary professional expedition staff comprised of biologists, naturalists and photographers plus the occasional superstar guest lecturer, and you have a top-notch, enriching and unforgettable experience awaiting you.

We work closely with a number of reputable adventure and small-ship cruise companies and can recommend voyages around the globe. Traditional destinations include Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Alaska’s Inside Passage and the Sea of Cortez. However, there is an abundance of truly fascinating voyages to less-frequented locations: Chilean Patagonia, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia and Oceania, islands of the Mediterranean, and the Bering Sea to name a few.

Looking for a special-interest cruise, one with a more scholarly focus on local history or one that offers on-board courses in photography and then lets you put your new skills to use in the field? Are you seeking the company of like-minded adults or a cruise that offers discovery programs specifically geared to children of all ages? Our travel experts will help you select the perfect voyage to appeal to your interests. Have a look at some of our recommendations below, click the links above for multiple cruise options within a specific destination, or give us a call to speak with one of our travel specialists today. We've seen and experienced what we sell, have no commitment or contracts with any specific company, and stand ready to match you with the perfect itinerary, expedition outfitter and vessel to ensure that your expedition exceeds expectations.