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Why Elegant Journeys

What sets Frontiers' Elegant Journeys apart?

Unparalleled firsthand destination knowledge. We take pride in our team of agents, who annually visit the destinations they represent to stay current on old favorites and investigate new hot spots. From hotels to restaurants to barges and cruise ships to safari camps, we give the globe the white-glove test to ensure that the recommendations we make live up to our own lofty expectations as well as yours. Please try us the next time you want to ask, "Have you been there lately?"

A broad range of worldwide innovative ideas and unique travel products. In arranging your travels through Frontiers' Elegant Journeys, the world is truly at your fingertips as our agents' specialties span all seven continents and encompass many genres of travel. Just peruse the Browse by Interest or Browse by Destination sections of our Web site. You'll see what we mean.

Our network of personal contacts to guide and host you on site and execute your arrangements flawlessly. Our global contacts care as much about the success of your trip as we (and you) do and often arrange private entree visits and insider access, enabling us to include unique features in our itineraries.

We listen to you and what you want to do. We will ask you about your interests, past travel experiences, budget and travel companions before making recommendations to help you select the geographic region and mode of travel that best meet your personal objectives.

Unbiased advice. Our allegiance is to you and the success of your trip, not to any supplier or commission-related target. Most of our itineraries are tailor-made so be assured that you won't be railroaded into a preconceived package tour.

We are dedicated 100 percent to luxury leisure travel -- it's our passion and we know you'll find our enthusiasm to be contagious indeed. Because we don't have corporate accounts to service, we can focus our efforts entirely on the details of your much-anticipated holiday. To initiate planning for your customized trip, please contact one of the qualified specialists at info@frontierstravel.com (attention Elegant Journeys Department).