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Plan Your Next Lindblad Expeditions Adventure to Antarctica with Frontiers
Added: Mon 20th Mar 17

There are many reasons to visit Antarctica: the daring history of the Heroic Age of Exploration, the penguins and other wildlife, the majestic icebergs and glaciers, the breathtaking mountains surging 9,000 feet straight up from the sea, the ability to see hundreds of miles through dust-free air, or the profound absence of anything man-made. Antarctica is a place of extraordinary natural beauty that calls to many travelers including avid photographers, lovers of wildlife and nature, ardent conservationists and the "rest of us," well-seasoned travelers looking for a great adventure. It is arguably the world's last great wilderness, providing a unique opportunity to experience genuine wildness. Antarctica is threatened due to climate change, providing an increasingly urgent mission for many to view this vulnerable resource. Many Frontiers guests have experienced Antarctica and all conclude it is the "trip of a lifetime." To do it right, however, requires a significant investment of time and resources and we feel it's important to carefully select your mode of travel - usually a cruise - with as much advance lead time as possible. Since it is a short season there, with the prime time being November through February and the top ships sell out as much as 18 months in advance.

Larry Prussin, a Lindblad Expeditions Naturalist, shares information about conservation in Antarctica.     

Lesa Bain, Vice President of Sales in North America, recounts her trip to exciting trip to Antarctica and shares her top 4 items to bring.

National Geographic Photographer, Phil Schermeister, sits down with Lesa Bain, Vice President of Sales in North America, to learn more about how to take the perfect photos on your next Lindblad trip.

Connor Bain shares his favorite moments from his trip to Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions.

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Remaining 2017 Departures

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1/25/19 - Antarctica The White Continent

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2/14/19 - Antarctica South Georgia and the Falklands

Free Airfare - Book before July 31, 2017 for free round-trip economy airfare between Miami and Buenos Aires or Santiago. Please ask about other U.S. gateways. This offer is subject to availability and may not be combined with other offers and pre-trip and post-trip extensions.

Bar and Crew Tips Included Starting April 2017 - Beginning in April 2017, Lindblad Expeditions will cover your bar tab and all tips for the crew on the National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion voyages.


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