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With more countries than Asia and more diversity than a kaleidoscope, Europe is a melting pot of everything we love about travel: adventure, culture, history, and innovation. From a glass of crisp Grüner Veltliner in Austria to the Faberge eggs of the Kremlin (and everything in-between...), our team has sampled all the best the region has to offer. 

Western Europe

Lush rolling plains, captivating crumbling cities, crisp Alpine air, and an abundance of Glühwein make Western Europe a destination of romance, grandeur, history, and intrigue. Between the braised beef, the Belgian chocolate, the Byzantine, and the Baroque, these cities offer a wide range of decadent art, music, and cuisine. Meanwhile, the opulence and folk culture of Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic will fascinate history junkies with its antiquated charm. 

Russia and Eastern Europe

For a juxtaposition that could only be found in a country that spans nine time zones, Russia and its neighboring countries offer opulence, history, diversity, and a rebellious spirit. From the rich history of Czars and Czarinas in St. Petersburg to the gilded displays of wealth in a post-Communist Moscow, art lovers, patrons of ballet, opera, and classical music, savvy travelers, shoppers, and all first-timers will find Russia and its surrounding Eastern European countries an exciting and rewarding destination. 

Southern Europe

A backdrop of sunny beaches, vineyards, and rich cuisine make this part of the world ooze romance and relaxation. Whether you're seeking a beachy getaway to the ethereal landscapes of Montenegro, a bit of La Dolce Vita in Italy, or a dip into the azure seas of Greece, the southern part of the continent will pique your travel taste buds. Travel to Spain and Portugal for sunshine-soaked vineyards and sangria or Italy and France for beauty and gastronomy to satisfy every whim. Turkey and Greece offer historic wisdom and buzzing modernity, while Croatia and Cyprus delight with rugged coastline and deep blue skies.

Scandinavia and Iceland

Idyllic countryside, picturesque villages, immaculate design, and a first-class seat to the Northern Lights are only a few of the reasons to put Scandinavia and Iceland at the top of your wanderlust bucket list. The snowy mountains and crystal-clear air of Iceland, Finland, and Norway offer a perfect backdrop to those looking for a bit of adventure, while design and gastronomy junkies will get their fix in the capital cities.

Great Britain and Ireland

Historic castles, stately homes, haggis, neeps, and tatties. The British Isles are small and mighty, with lyrical charm, aristocracy, a bit of city bustle, and a lot of countryside bliss. Get lost in the delightful Scottish Highlands, explore quaint cottages of the quintessentially English Cotswolds, and give yourself the royal treatment in London. A region we love like a second home, Great Britain and Ireland offer the new as well as the seasoned explorer a chance to feel enlightened, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

The Baltic Region

For a colorful bit of rustic charm, the Baltic Region remains one of our favorite secret destinations. Finally having a 'moment'—well deserved since being frozen in time during the Cold War—the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are in an exciting stage of creativity and renaissance. Cobblestone streets and pastel-colored homes are paired with cocktail bars open until the wee hours of the morning, offering a triumphant blend of old and new.

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