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Our Specialists

Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other travel company. Our destination specialists visit the places they love yearly, to ensure that they stay up-to-date on the newest and best accommodations and experiences our strategic partners offer around the world. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe and allows us to help you compare options within the context of your preferences, objectives, budgets and past travel experiences.

Meet Our Specialists

Specializes in Barging, River Cruises, and Western Europe

A wine and food connoisseur, grandmother of two, and veteran member of the Condé Nast Traveler Specialist list.


A global citizen, history buff, and an exploratory traveler.

Specializes in Africa

An adventurer, passionate conservationist, and off the beaten path traveler.

Specializes in the South Pacific, Spain, Slovenia and Ireland

A certified scuba diver, bee keeper, and international globetrotter.

Specializes in South America

A seasoned camper, experienced hiker, and adventure traveler.

Specializes in Iceland

A master's degree graduate and former German instructor, trail runner, and international adventurer.


A zealous cook, frequent museum visitor, and historical traveler.

Specializes in African Travel and Air

A nature enthusiast, yogi, and wanderlust traveler.

Africa and Wellness Destination Specialist

A delightful baker, yoga enthusiast, and member of the Virtuoso Wellness Community.


A passionate gardener, finessing foodie, and seasoned cruiser.

Specializes in South America

A native of Tanzania, lover of the outdoors, and adventure travel.

Specializes in snow skiing and active adventures

A worldwide snow skiing traveler and active adventures traveler.


A certified scuba diver, crafter, avid cook, and solo traveler.


An avid reader, gourmet cook, keen gardener, and connoisseur of culture.


Travels with his camera, walking sticks, golf clubs, skis, and fly rods.

Specializes in Disney Travel Planning

A Disney Travel Expert, passionate dog mom, and travel enthusiast.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager of Frontiers Elegant Journeys.